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Skit advocates for national dialogue



THE Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has taken to theatre to lobby for a national inclusive dialogue through a skit titled Maruva Enyika to resolve Zimbabwe’s multifaceted crisis.

The southern African country is currently mired in a crisis that includes a hyperinflationary environment and political polarisation, with many calling for dialogue to end the challenges that have afflicted the country since the July 31, 2018 disputed elections.

While many have taken to churches and think-tanks to call for dialogue, the CiZC has turned to art, engaging popular comedians Samantha “Gonyeti” Kureya and Dereck Nziyakwi of Bustop TV, who in an interaction argue that the people cannot continue to suffer while political actors refuse to dialogue.

The four-minute skit also raises concern over the effectiveness of the Political Actors’ Dialogue (Polad) saying it is not inclusive enough.

“Dialogue is important when it is genuine and inclusive dialogue. Our country remains in deep crisis because we cannot talk as a people,” Nziyakwi, who plays the character DRC, says in the skit.

The CiZC said the skit seeks to promote inclusive, genuine national dialogue as a way forward.

“It is our firm view that the current crisis in Zimbabwe largely stems from a legitimacy crisis on the part of the ruling party, Zanu PF following the sham 2018 polls which largely failed the credibility test,” it said.

“In light of this challenge, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition has made efforts (including at a regional level) to promote an all stakeholders dialogue as a way of resolving the Zimbabwean crisis.”

The organisation condemned the apparent lack of political will by some actors who are strongly pursuing the Polad platform set up by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and his party have vowed not to be part of the platform, which they describe as Zanu PF talking to itself.

“Were are concerned that the lack of political will especially on the part of the ruling party (which has made insincere approaches to the issue of dialogue through the Polad platform) has resulted in the country seeking deeper into crisis,” the CiZC said.

“It is our firm view as well that the country’s re-engagement efforts should be anchored on genuine dialogue at home. Going forward, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition intends to create platforms to provide thought leadership on the issue of national dialogue in Zimbabwe.”

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