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New political party emerges



A NEW political party has entered the country’s turbulent political terrain to change the fortunes of the country’s masses for the better.

The party, christened the Zimbabwe African National Congress (ZANC), was formed towards the end of last year and formally registered by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).

ZANC president Timothy Mncube said his party was geared for the topsy-turvy political terrain.

“We have completed the formal part of establishing the Zimbabwe African National Congress (ZANC) party and also making it a legal entity in as far as the provisions of the laws of Zimbabwe are concerned.

“As we speak, we are now in possession of a letter from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) which has accepted and registered the ZANC as a party which can now contest any election in the country,” Mncube said.

He added that his party would concentrate on convincing the electorate to appreciate its policy proposals which he said were the key towards unlocking a better Zimbabwe.

“We want to state categorically that our politics does not fan hatred and antagonism,” Mncube said.

“We want to bring about a new generation of politicking that speaks to our efforts to convince the electorate to embrace our proposals towards unlocking that better Zimbabwe dream that we have for this country.

“We are not here to antagonise anyone, but to sell our brand as well as ideas so that the people of Zimbabwe can embrace us and our ideas.

“The biggest hope is that after embracing our ideas and policy proposals, they would then allow us to roll these proposals out once they have voted us into forming the next government in Zimbabwe,” he said.

ZANC, Mncube highlighted, would have footprints all over Zimbabwe. He said the party was not a regional outfit, adding that structures would be set up in due course.

“ZANC is national in stature. We believe Zimbabweans are one and there is no need to start separating them along tribal and racial lines.

“This is why you will realise that ZANC will have structures all over Zimbabwe so that we retain that national status that we want,” he said.

Mncube added that the party’s policy formulation would be guided by the challenges that Zimbabweans meet on a daily basis.

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