Mugabe’s removal could make blockbuster movie

ONE film that is a must make is the removal of the late former President Robert Mugabe from power, a leader who was in power for 37 years.

In the past, Zimbabwe has been the scene of some of the world best movies like The King Solomon’s Mines, Cry Freedom, A Dry White Season, A World Apart, Dark City and The Power of One, just to name a few.

In the 1980s, Zimbabwe was the place for movie-makers and actors, the likes of Danny Glover, Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone just to name a few.

This constant rush to Zimbabwe indicated the existence of one of the progressive film industry in Africa. Today, all that is left of the film industry is a tale of glorious days and nothing left.

Surely, with some of Zimbabwe’s best script writers and film producers in the world. How is it possible that five years after Mugabe’s removal, Zimbabwe has not been able to produce a blockbuster movie. Everything we read about Mugabe’s removal is hearsay.

Now that Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo passed away, who I had the great opportunity to understand the behind-the-scenes activities and the facts of what happened before, during and after the removal of one of Africa longest serving leaders.

In November 2017, Emmerson  Mnangagwa had left Zimbabwe through an illegal exit point, after he was expelled from the country, the Army General Constantino Chiwenga was in China getting ready to come home. The former First Lady Grace Mugabe was positioning herself and already wearing the emperors’ rode ready to take over. In Zimbabwe and beyond, the world wants to know what happened, who was on the ground to execute the plan, who were the G40 and the Team Lacoste, what was the role of Zimbabwe military, who knew what and when.

There is need for Zimbabwe’s leadership to know that the film industry is a million-dollar business and Mugabe’s removal is a great opportunity to cash-in and make millions of United States dollars from the world film-gowers who want to know how Zimbabwe’s strongman was removed.

In this age of information and communication technology, Zimbabweans should find it easy to make money through filming. Let us revive Zimbabwe’s film industry by creating Mugabe’s blockbuster followed by a great movie of notorious robbers Stephen Chidhumo and Edgar Masendeke.

Let us have our history in writing and in movies and leaving our African footprints on the records of history

Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi

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