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Mudiwa redefines gospel music



FLAMBOYANT rapper Mudiwa Hood has proved that he is among the country’s finest artistes, who invests a lot in their craft if the latest video for his song Tati Tivatipe (Let’s Tell Them) is anything to go by.

While the local gospel landscape appears to be lagging behind in embracing the changing world, Mudiwa Hood has been able to add flamboyance to his videos.

In his latest video, the multi-award-winning artiste proves that he is not just lyrically blessed, but has an admirable flavour as his flashy lifestyle is incorporated into his videos.

The song is simply a reminder of how deep his lyrical prowess can get.

His Christian background has no doubt largely influenced his lyrics and he is on record saying his success was a result of his Christian upbringing.

Judging from several comments on different social media platforms, music fanatics appear to have embraced the video, describing it as of international quality.

Just a few hours after its release, the video had garnered about 8 000 views on YouTube.

“I am not a hip-pop person, but your bars are on point. Since I have been following on social media, I understand the swag, but some might feel it’s too much. Great song and good video,” one of the fans said.

Another fan commented: “Wow this video is amazing, I cannot recall the times I have replayed it.”

Off the stage, Mudiwa Hood has shown his other side as a philanthropist.

He assisted the less privileged in different societies through various initiatives.

Last week he took to Twitter to pledge to take care of children of one of his fans only identified as Mai Kuku.

He committed to support the children until they turned 18.

“I never met this woman, but I came across a lot of her comments on my posts. I saw a notification tag confirming her death, Mai Ethan NaKuku MHSRIP. In the meantime, I am putting together $20 000 or USD$200 that will cater for the wellbeing of her two kids,” he said.

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