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‘Mat’land marginalisation can be solved by devolution’



FORMER Speaker of the National Assembly and United Movement for Devolution (UMD) president, Lovemore Moyo has blasted government for neglecting Matabeleland region in economic development.

Moyo told Southern Eye in an interview that devolution will solve issues of marginalisation of Matabeleland provinces.

“If fully implemented, devolution of power will tremendously reduce marginalisation, underdevelopment, inequality and injustice perpetuated against the so-called minority groups by the State,” Moyo said.

“There is an increase in State development and conspiracy theories that are propagated by various political, economic, human rights and social activists based in Matabeleland on the state of the region, but this state of affairs has inevitably led to the radicalisation of Matabeleland politics and has led to the birth of different political voices, ideologies and beliefs such as federalists, devolutionists, restorationists and cessationists,” he said.

Moyo said the divergent political views in the country had not brought about the much-needed unity of purpose in order to deal with marginalisation of Matabeleland province.

He said bad governance also added to the national crisis and has deepened economic woes, corruption, tribalism, inequality and injustice.

“Ideally, the local leadership, political parties, pressure groups and civic activists must endeavour to speak with one voice and advocate for the speedy implementation of devolution of power,” Moyo said.

He then blasted those calling for a separate Matabeleland state, saying it was a bad idea as it woulw further polarise the region and country.

“This will inevitably delay the attainment of the region’s political and economic freedoms and prolong marginalisation. Our people want development, jobs, food security, freedoms, dignity and economic prosperity. What is urgent now is to advocate for unity of purpose among our people. We need to fight together in defence of our common interests so that our political and economic spaces cannot be attacked by outsiders,” he said.

The UMD leader said the priority right now was for Zimbabweans to fight the oppressive Zanu PF regime, adding that this could only be achieved through good political strategies.

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