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Kagonye spends another night in police cells



FORMER Labour and Public Service minister Petronella Kagonye who was arrested on Sunday is expected to appear in court today, her lawyer Rungano Mahuni said yesterday.

Kagonye is facing allegations of violating the Land Act.

The law demands that an accused person must appear before the courts within 48 hours of arrest.

”We are not coming to court today (yesterday) because apparently, she was arrested at around 10:30am, and the 48-hour period should the considered. We, however, requested that some documents that will guide us on the application that we will make must be availed and we also want to challenge her placement on remand,” Mahuni said.

Kagonye, who is nursing a minor child, is allegedly blaming her political rivals for her woes.

Some of the charges against her include the handing over of Hoofmoor Estate in Goromonzi to five co-operatives run by Zanu PF politicians and supporters in a bid to woo over 7 000 people to vote for the party.

Kagonye was exposed by the Justice Tendai Uchena Commission, which revealed that most of the land in and around Harare was grabbed by Zanu PF candidates to woo voters.

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