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I’m still part of Indosakusa: Allah



NOMORE “Allah” Sibanda, an Indosakusa Morning Star member who recently recorded a solo eight-track jazz album titled Indaba Zabantu, says he is still a member of the popular imbube outfit.

Allah, who draws his inspiration from the late music icon Oliver Mtukudzi, says he will in a fortnight launch the album which warns against poking one’s nose into other people’s affairs.

“I am still full-time at Indosakusa The Morning Star and I do my solo projects during my spare time. Indosakusa is doing imbube music and I do jazz which has an African taste, that is totally different from what we do at Indosakusa,” he said.

“Recording this album was very hard, but I am just grateful to the Almighty because if it was not for His hand, I would have never succeeded. The biggest challenge now is these lockdowns which don’t give us time to hustle and gather funds for the album.”

Allah said societal issues inspired his compositions.

“My music is inspired by today’s life. It talks to one’s heart depending on what the song relates to like the song and album title Indaba Zabantu. It warns those who love gossiping which is a bad thing especially during this lockdown period. People have been stuck in their houses with nothing to do which causes more gossiping and this might lead to more fights,” he


“The other song, Ngizobuyela, also explains the life we used to live in rural areas and how we are now suffering in urban areas including the cost of living. Other tracks talk about wrongdoers, murderers and heartbreakers, warning them of their evil doings and encouraging them to repent from all their dirty deeds.”

Allah said it was not easy to sing for the world.

“I started my solo project in January 2020. It has not been easy at all. Doing music for people is very hard because you don’t know whether or not they will accept it. Well I am thankful that the response was overwhelming in the last two singles that I released last year,” he said.

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