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Govt should set up intervention strategies


THE COVID-19 pandemic has claimed millions of lives worldwide since it was first discovered in China in 2019. Governments, in an effort to curb the loss of even more lives, came up with strategies like lockdowns, social distancing and good hygiene practices to slow the spread of the deadly virus.

But lives continue to be lost and in some instances whole families have been wiped out, a few are lucky to have tested positive for the virus and survive.

Public health actions such as social distancing that are necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19, have increased the sense of isolation and loneliness.

Losing loved ones, being infected by the coronavirus takes an immense toll on one’s mental health yet mental healthcare remains a secondary issue in most societies.

Government and different organisations in the country have focused more on the physical interventions of managing the pandemic at the expense of the emotional and mental aspects yet both are equally important.

No counselling services are offered before one gets tested or even after getting their results or after losing a loved one.

One is just expected to deal with the trauma of knowing they are infected by a virus, that has killed millions, by themselves.

If a person receives traumatic news and it is not managed well it can lead to depression and untold mental health problems.

This is the situation presently where a lot of people are facing situations caused by the mental impact of the pandemic that are stressful and overwhelming.

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