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COVID lockdown unlocks Manex’s other side



FROM the dusty streets of Warren Park, reggae artiste Emmanuel “Manex” Motsi appears to have overcome the financial challenges of the local music industry not only by providing sweet melodies, but also reggae regalia.

While some artistes have found it going tough in the showbiz industry, Manex has however, soldiered on with his sweet and well-orchestrated music winning the hearts of many.

Having acquired marketing and entrepreneurship experience from working at Spar Muchira, Manex grasped the art to show his other artistic side.

Speaking to NewsDay Life Style, Manex, who is also the chairman of Arts and Culture in Warren Park, said the long COVID-19 lockdown periods had been a test for artists’ survival philosophies.

“The lockdown brought out the other artistic side of me where I can draw, paint, create and print designs. I am aspiring to own my own printing machines so that I produce in bulk for others who would like their own print on different items,” he said.

“Reggae music fans are popular with the Rastafarian trend and there is no other way to keep your fans hooked than giving them a reminder of why they love you at the same time rocking the airwaves with good music.”

Over the years, Manex has shown passion for arts by keeping dancehall music alive through grooming and giving platforms to new and up-and-coming artistes.

He is also running an arts programme that encompasses sport.

“As the chairman of Arts and Culture in Warren Park, we are keeping music alive and training artistes to be their own masters,’’ he said.

“We have lined up a programme for sports facilities to be renovated first. We are starting with the basketball courts and then football fields.”

Manex said he was working on a production which he had, however, preferred not to share more details with the public and remain a surprise to his followers.

“I have plenty of songs I am working on as I set out to introduce an upgraded kind of reggae, but I can’t reveal much as of now as it will spoil the surprise,” he said.

“I want my fans to get into the new reggae from Manex with that relief, joy and wow. When I release the album my fans will like it.”

Manex last week created a new riddim for Valentine’s Day which was celebrated yesterday called Diamond in the Rough alongside DJ Adrenaljunk who is based in Dubai and his partner Trevor.

On the song he was backed by Lazzie T while Big Tingz was on the keys and production with Winfred Munyoro being on the keyboard.

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