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Zupco implements social distancing on commuter omnibuses



THE Zimbabwe United Passengers Company in Bulawayo yesterday started implementing social distancing on its buses with kombis now obliged to carry a maximum of eight passengers per trip as part of the measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The commuting public in Bulawayo continues to sing transport blues as the State-controlled Zupco buses fail to cope with demand despite the restrictions in movement brought about by COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Social distancing was introduced on commuter omnibuses following a spike in COVID-19 cases.

A survey carried out by Southern Eye observed that Zupco commuter omnibuses were at first ferrying eight passengers per trip.

With the pressure arising from increasing numbers of passengers they then increased the number to 12 a trip.

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association chairperson Ambrose Sibindi said Zupco needed to increase the size of its fleet to ensure adequate transport because there was an underestimation of the population that would be going into town.

Zupco southern region manager Tineyi Rusawako said they would increase the fleet in areas that were facing challenges.

“We have an adequate fleet to cater for everyone now that a number of people are getting into town.

“We will make sure we beef up in the areas that have inadequate transport to ease the commotion that was there today (yesterday),” Rusawako said.

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