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Vic Falls tourist’s body found trapped



THE body of a tourist believed to be Roy George Tinashe Dikinya, who fell into the Victoria Falls gorge on New Year’s day, was yesterday found trapped down the cliff, but the authorities said they were failing to retrieve it.

Dikinya is said to have slipped and plunged to death at the Victoria Falls gorge during a day out with other tourists and a female friend.

Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said they had enlisted the services of State agencies to try and retrieve the body.

“The body was found, but we are failing to retrieve it,” he said.

“We are trying to devise methods of retrieving it. The place is slippery and there is water so we have enlisted the services of security services.”

Dikinya was reportedly taking turns with a friend for pictures at the gorge when he suddenly went to the danger zone, and slipped, plunged and met his fate.

A picture said to be his last while walking close to the gorge has been circulating on social media.

Tourists, who were with him at the time, said he was walking through the points taking turns to take pictures and when they reached the danger zone, he slipped and fell.

“We were alerted by the woman’s scream and she told us that he had slipped and fallen. Because of the showers and the mist, we could not trace him after that, and that’s when we went to alert the parks officials,” one of the tourists said. His family is yet to give an official statement.

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