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The Top 6 Ways to earn an income online in your free time.


Are you looking at making extra money via the internet? Well, not to blow my own horn but you have come to the right place!

Billions of dollars are made online every day. What I find funny is that many internet users do not know how or why this is happening. In this article I will advise you six different ways in which you can start earning an extra income online.

  1. Writing Articles.

An easy and fast way to start earning money via the internet is by writing articles, that can be uploaded on freelance writing sites. The theory is simple: Brands and websites are in need of new content for their sites, and luckily for you they are willing to pay writers to do the work for them. Websites like ‘textbroker’ enable anyone to sign up to their site as a client or writer. You will be able to log in, upload articles and get paid for your time. Just by using this method and website the amount of money being made daily is in the hundreds.


  1. Completing jobs that pay $5

A website such as Fiverr is a place where anyone is able to create unique jobs that when completed the user is given $5. I would highly suggest viewing this website and the services that are on offer. There are so many areas to explore such as writing, designing and web services.

  1. Selling items on Amazon and eBay.

You must of heard about people making a substantial amount of money selling unwanted items on Amazon and eBay. The best thing is that literally anyone is able to start selling items that they do not use. Once your first item is sold, you will find that you start becoming some-what addicted. This addiction will allow you to start making a couple of hungered dollars per month selling your unwanted goods. Amazon offers services through ‘sell on Amazon’ for anyone who is interested in selling their supplies or supplies in bulk.

  1. Start writing a blog.

There are currently over 300 million blogs on the internet. Although most of them are simply for fun and over time fade into the background, some of them are able to make money. Using programs such as Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, anyone who owns a blog and/or website can earn money by individuals visiting their sites through advertising. Either the blogger or the owner of a website solely need to focus on the content they publish and their audience. Monetization and ads through Google AdSense are handled automatically by googles own directory of advertisers.

  1. Online Surveys

As stated before, online websites and brands are in constant need for their content to stay current. For this to happen, they need people’s opinions on how they can improve their products, their services and even customer experiences. Many services such as MySurvey will pay their users to take their surveys. These survey companies do work with larger brands and many agencies to fulfil their requests; some of this money is then given to the individual who has taken the survey. You are able to earn a couple of dollars or even rewards by completing these surveys across different sites.

  1. Becoming a YouTube Star.

Okay, do not laugh, but how many people would love to be a YouTube celebrity? Thousands of users are currently getting paid for the amount of views that they receive. Some even earning millions! YouTube is owned by Google, which has access to billions of ads that are placed on the video site daily. For users who create content with a large following, the YouTube Partners Program was created. Luckily, when starting off on the YouTube journey you do not need millions of views. All that is needed is great content!

  1. Ways To Earn An Income Online.

As shown above being an online entrepreneur is not necessary to make money via the internet. Ordinary people are finding ways to make money online, starting off my making a few dollars daily.

A little motivation for you! If you was to make £3 daily online, you would make an extra $1.095 a year!

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