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Staying positive in hard times


WE live in different and difficult times as we fight an invisible enemy. We never thought as a generation we would face such a pandemic. We were moving at breakneck speed in terms of information, change and technology, but all of a sudden our minds have now been shifted to think about COVID-19.

When we follow news, new case and deaths continue to be recorded. Now, how do we live effectively in such an environment? We need to live in the moment and do the best whilst we breathe.


We need to love and live amicably as humanity. We have a common enemy. It does not matter your colour, culture, creed and status, COVID-19 is our common enemy. Love it a famous word. Everyone needs love and everyone needs to give out love. Learn to forgive and forge great relations. Don’t seek for love, but learn to love as well.

Think positively

Success needs to be activated, nurtured and attracted. The success stories we see around us first existed in the mind sphere of individuals. Research has shown that, what you constantly think about you ultimately bring about. In that vein, what is impressed in your subconscious mind will be eventually expressed. To alter your future you simply need to change your mind set or your attitude.

Change your focus

On the driveway to destiny, the most dangerous thing to do is stick your eye on the rearview mirror! Thinking of the history that happened to you changes nothing but keeps you on the same level.

Our past could have been made or marred by mistakes, but we can’t change anything about it; it’s all gone! COVID-19 has a negative effect, but we should do what’s within our reach and ability to make the best in uncertainty.

See failure in a positive light

I think failure is not the most dangerous thing on earth, but failing to rise up again after you have fallen! You need to embrace a positive attitude.

Failing is not falling, but staying down when you have fallen. Just on the brink of our first lockdown I had a friend who has rented a big building for a restaurant. He has invested so much to change the outlook and refurbishing the place. He had put all his energy and finances to start on a business he had projected, but COVID-19 came and up-to-date he has not opened and has not got his money back. What are the lessons? There are things we cannot change. Secondly, we need to accept what happens to us and continue moving.

Remember, you were never meant to stay on the floor. Life might have beaten you up, treated you unfairly, and splashed cold water on your safe, but you should have the temerity and sagacity to fight on.

Life will never be easy. In fact if it was easy everyone could be successful. It is so unsafe to think that failure is your final fatal destination. You just need to rethink on your life and have the best picture of what you want to be.

 Use faith

Generally, going to the top is against the law of gravity, but faith is the fervent force that’s able to keep you afloat. I have known it to be the only force able to oppose the laws of nature and situations that seem impossible.

Faith is a fire strong enough making it impossible for you to be burnt-out by external fires or buried under high waters of failure. It is that force that makes you see things that are yet no-existent, but only in the mind. Les Brown said faith stand for: finding answers in the heart.

Walk in your purpose

An empty life is not defined by the absence of money, but the lack of purpose. Sadly, “the poorest man in the world is a man without a dream. The most frustrated man in the world is the man with a dream that never becomes reality”, wrote Dr Myles Munroe.

Five things to keep you motivated!

  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Planning
  • Plying
  • Positivity

Parting Point: Paul J Meyer puts it like this: “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon … must inevitably come to pass!”

I believe you are unstoppable; it is all in the mind! Let’s fight this war together. Wear face masks correctly, sanitise and wash your hands all the time, and keep a physical distance from people to avoid infection.

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