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Security guards jailed for stealing farming inputs



TWO security guards from Strike Company were yesterday jailed 16 months by a Guruve magistrate for stealing herbicides and fertilizer from a farmer they were providing security.

Kenton Mupaushe (26) and Donny Matiti pleaded guilty to the charge before magistrate Geraldine Mutsotso.

The court heard that during the period extending from January 2 to 22, the duo were guarding at Plot 1 Stockwell Farm in Mvurwi.

They hatched a plan to steal herbicides and fertiliser from the plot owner Diana Danai Saungweme.

They stole six 50kg bags of fertilizer and sold four to Solomon Marimana, while one was sold to Clever Homani. They applied the remaining one in their fields.

On a separate date, the convicts unlocked a tobacco barn and stole a 20 litre Nato herbicide and sold it again to Marimana.

Working on a tip off, the police intercepted the duo trying to steal fertilizer using the same modus operandi.

After being interviewed by the police, they disclosed that they stole the inputs. Part of the loot was recovered and was used as exhibit in court.

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