SaMasamba readies second album

By Moses Mugugunyeki

Working under the wings of seasoned artistes could have refined jazz musician Norman Masamba, aka SaMasamba, into the gem he is today.

The South Africa-based guitarist is now in a class of his own, thanks to the exposure he got at the hands of seasoned artistes locally and across the Limpopo.

To put to test skills he acquired working under the tutelage of big names in the industry, SaMasamba will on February 1 release his second album titled Kunorima.

The album will be launched virtually and made available on online music platforms.

SaMasamba has worked with Zimbabwean artistes including Victor Kunonga, Bob Nyabinde, Willis Watafi, Dudu Manhenga, Alexio Kawara, the late Chiwoniso Maraire and Oliver Mtukudzi, among many others.

In South Africa, SaMasamba has worked on a number of productions with veterans Judith Sephuma, Bekezela and many others.

“The forthcoming album is titled Kunorima and has 10 tracks. It was initially recorded in 2016 and set for release in March 2017, but unfortunately l relocated to South Africa and everything changed,” SaMasamba said.

“The experience I got from the exposure and privilege of working with South African artistes such as Judith Sephuma and Bekezela among many others on and off stage [studio sessions)] taught me that professionalism and quality was everything, for my type of music to make it into the mainstream industry.”

SaMasamba came back to Zimbabwe early last year to re-record the album alongside his band with the aim of retaining his original authentic sound.

“I produced this project in Zimbabwe and it was mixed and mastered in South Africa,” he said.

“Track 10 on the album has a music video which will be released on the same day with the album.”

His debut album is titled Zvebasa and it was released in 2013. His other projects include singles Tauya Kuzofara (2015), Chihera (2018) and Happiness (2019).

The Kwekwe-bred musician also featured at a number of top jazz fetes, including a sublime performance at the revered Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

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