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Recycling, an eco-friendly method of waste disposal


ONE of the best ways to maintain smart city is to engage youths in waste management and plastic recycling to promote sustainable development.

Working together with local agencies and community members to foster sustainable management of rubbish through recycling is the goal of ikonnect Kadoma Trust.

iKonnect is a non- profit making community organisation which was formed in December 2019.

The organisation’s main goal is to empower the youths by educating them on how to recycle waste in the City of Kadoma.

iKonnect recently embarked on a development project to encourage youths to partake in waste management processes through waste recycling.

iKonnect founding partner Rodrick Kamudyariwa told this publication that the artefacts made from recycled matter were just spectacular and beautiful.

“Pieces of clothes are put together to produce colourful and beautiful mats and vanished wooden mats are elegantly decorated for sale,” he said.

He also added that the recycling programme by the youths in Kadoma was absolutely fantastic.

“Beautiful portraits depicting the Zimbabwean savannah ecosystem was also made with the portraits exhibiting images of birds, hills and scattered trees”

“The youths also made magnificent human portraits and beautiful artificial flowers for decorations”, Kamudyariwa said.

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