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No evidence ginger, lemon, garlic combo prevents Covid-19 infections – experts


DURBAN – Experts say that there’s no evidence to suggest that consuming ginger, lemon and garlic or using those ingredients to steam can prevent one from contracting the coronavirus.

For generations, a tonic made primarily from these ingredients has been used to help fight colds and flu or as immune boosters.

Because of COVID-19, their demand has increased, so much so that prices have spiked prompting an investigation by the Competition Commission.

You’ve probably heard it many times during the pandemic – the trusted blend of ginger, lemon and garlic, and sometimes honey, being touted as a form of home remedy for COVID-19, whether ingested or through steaming.

Not so, says virologist Allison Glass.

“There’s no good evidence suggesting that steaming with any product makes any difference to the outcome.”

Glass said that while eating healthy and keeping fit may not be popular options for some, it was important to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“The reason why we advocate for this is because it can help build a good, healthy immune system and prevent co-morbidities that often lead to a severe COVID-19 [infection].”

The Competition Commission has been bombarded with complaints about the steep prices of ginger in recent weeks.

In some instances, consumers were charged as much as R400 per kilogram for the popular root. – Eyewitness News 

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