IzinjaTropaz to bond Byo artistes, grow fan base



BULAWAYO artistes Brykel Ndlovu and Thembani Mpala have combined forces for the recently launched iZinjaTropaz musical project aimed at bringing Bulawayo artistes together to increase their fan base and promote each other’s works.

Ndlovu yesterday told NewsDay Life & Style that through iZinjaTropaz, they wanted to showcase Bulawayo talent across all genres.

“The project — iZinjaTropaz is generated from the kasi saying ‘iZinja zeGame’ and it features artistes from maskandi, kwaito, hip-hop, amapiano and soul among other genres,” he said.

“We want artistes to work together and assist each other to come up with massive and blazing projects including telling ‘kasi stories’ which highlight the social life of Bulawayo. This will help us increase our fan base as the inclusion of many artistes in one project will bring in more followers.”

Ndlovu said the project had been endorsed by some artistes after they sold the idea to them via social media.

“We sent an invitation to artistes via Twitter and WhatsApp inviting them to be part of the project. We sold the concept of the vision of our project to them and those who were interested came on board,” he said.

“We came to agreements on how to pay each other then we kicked the studio sections. We also want to revive and encourage local artistes, DJs and producers to produce music which grows like amapiano, gqom, and Zimdancehall.”

He said when artistes work together they reinforced their relationships, social life and skills.

“We believe working together as artistes will benefit us in a big way as during the studio sessions, we are able to share ideas and educate each other about music and quality of music people want,” he said.

“The death of King Cal_Vin opened our brains. We came to our senses that we should work together and support each other as artistes so that we share ideas to improve the quality of our music and our fan base. A wise man said together we stand, divided we fall.”

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