Expect more crossover music from me: Ceeblazer


UKRAINE-BASED Afro-pop musician Courage Dhuku , affectionately known as Ceeblazer, has said his use of Shona and English interchangeably in most of his music was a way to keep in touch with his roots while also appealing to an international audience.

The 25-year-old recently released his latest song titled Angel, which has so far amassed over 96 000 views on video streaming platform YouTube.

In a telephone interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Ceeblazer said his work over the years had been a balancing act to satisfy a growing followership at home and overseas.

“I use the two languages to be able to provide music for my English fans and back home because charity begins at home, so Shona is necessary since the bulk of my fan base is from home,” said the Zondo hitmaker.

Known for enticing love lyrics and equally catchy visuals in exotic scenes, the vocalist who recorded his first professional song in 2013, promised more music videos and live recordings this year.

“Fans from all over the world can expect new videos coming out soon and more live recordings. For me, it is not about chasing a hit, but honestly I just deliver music and message. That’s why I do not have an album, but have released more than 70 songs,” he said.

Despite the fact that he has seen an improvement in the numbers following his work, Ceeblazer conceded that one of the major obstacles to his musical career has been “getting music out to the people” despite improvements in video quality and sound.

“We do not have love as a nation,” he said, adding that musicians had failed to appeal beyond the borders due to complacency and trying to outclass fellow compatriots.

“If a musician makes one hit, he or she thinks they have gone international but there is more to it. A lot of work has to go into it (so) I think people should not just focus on competing. The best is to produce your best and everything else will fall into place.”

Born and bred in Harare, Ceeblazer is the firstborn in a family of two boys and attended Marimba Park Primary School and proceeded to Rusununguko Secondary School in Bromley, Marondera, before finishing off at  Oriel Boys High.

The musician, who attests to deriving musical inspiration from US songster Akon and Tocky Vibes, is a holder of a degree in international cybernetics economics and an honours in international

He has been pursuing music out of passion since he was nine. Apart from that, he runs a local logistics company in addition to studying towards a masters in finance and business.

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