Covid19: Gvt workforce reduced to 10%

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has introduced new stringent measures for civil servants in a move to contain the spread of Covid19, allowing only 10% of critical workforce to be on site.

In circular dated 21 January 2021, the PSC said ministries, department and agencies are to adhere to these new regulations with immediate effect.

For the period 21 January to 3 February 2021, all ministries, government departments and agencies are to reduce physically present staff from 30% to 10%.

“Heads of Ministries are therefore directed to submit lists reflecting names of the 10% essential staff who will report to workplaces.”

Heads of Ministries are to “continue ensuring that staff members working from home are capacitated with ICT equipment and adequate internet facilities for them to work efficiently and productively,” the circular reads.

The PSC will also reduce the number of busses that ferry workers to work.

Of late the country has witnessed an abrupt increase in the number of Covid19 cases, with 29 408 recorded cases as of 20January 2021.

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