Celebrity couple tag no burden for Adiona


WOULD you allow your spouse to be intimate in a movie without a hint of jealousy?

Can you tolerate and understand such as art?

For songbird Adiona Maboreke–Chidzonga, who is married to popular actor and filmmaker Munya, all that frolicking and the bump and grind is just part and parcel of life, as long as they remain for the movie set!

In fact, the duo is not even troubled with the celebrity couple tag.

Adiona and Munya both became stars after taking part in reality television shows, Idols East Africa and Big Brother Africa respectively.

They both became darlings of hundreds of thousands of viewers, not just in Zimbabwe, but across the continent.

In a recent interview with our sister paper Weekly Digest, Adiona said as a professional couple, they have learnt to separate the reality of their lives from the fantasies of the movie set.

“When I see Munya kissing on set, I appreciate that it is part of his works. He is a professional actor and I respect his craft,” she said.

Adiona said even their relatives have come to tolerate and support their profession.

“Our relatives appreciate our chosen careers such that they are supportive and helpful,” she said.

On being a celebrity couple in the eyes of the world, Adiona said no one is a superstar when they are at home.

“I feel marriage is marriage, celebrity or not. I am mum and Munya is dad. That is how we work. We decided a long time ago to focus on each other instead of comparing ourselves to other couples and that is what works for us, loving each other our own way and being friends,” she said.

“When we are out there entertaining, its work we don’t label it otherwise. Our life is in entertainment not entertainment.”

At the moment, Adiona has no regrets in life for her chosen career and husband.

“I have no regrets. I believe everything happens when it is supposed to so no regrets here. I love my life and career path. It is my destiny and I am fearlessly embracing it,” she said.

Adiona says the showbiz industry is a challenging trade, but her love of making music has kept her going at a time some artists are finding it going tough.

“I have been in the music industry for a very long time, but I have a love hate relationship with music, but I keep moving forward because of my love for it,” she said.

Although music has not been as rewarding as Adiona would have wanted it to be, she however, sticks to it because it’s a passion.

“If you love something even if it does not treat you well sometimes, you still love it. I really love music and this has kept me going,” she said.

Reflecting from the days she ventured into showbiz, Adiona said the music industry is growing.

“There are more artistes taking chances into music. There is mind blowing talent coming out of nowhere producing amazing videos, an indication that the industry is growing. We only need more investors,” she said.

While Adiona is happy that female musicians are making inroads in this male dominated industry, she however, advises they have to continue working hard to enjoy the sweat of their callings.

“As female musicians we are not yet there, but I feel like we are getting there. The Tamy Moyos and Anita Jacksons are on the rise and they are a force not to be ignored. Taking up space and I am proud,” she said.

Off the stage, Adiona and husband run some businesses that supplement their showbiz earnings.

“Besides music, my husband and I run a bulk water business and a bouncy castle business. The arts are still our first love though, but in this environment one has to stay above water,” she said.

The couple is blessed with three boys – Pfumai (10), Diwai (5) and Yanai (14 months).

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