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Top Five Problems of DeFi You Need to Be Aware of


Have you ever heard the term DeFi being used in relation to the crypto market? It’s nothing other than being just an abbreviation for a decentralized financial system. Now, I guess you can relate to the term if you are aware of cryptocurrencies. Anyway, we will see the major challenges, which have come to dominate the new finance system.

Decentralized finance is a new technology that allows users to manage their finance without central banks. Generally, decentralized applications help users to control almost all the financial activities. It not only allows you to make financial transactions but also used in insurance, lending, and other financial services. But there are some inherent problems with DeFi you need to be aware of.

Problems of DeFi

There are some key problems of decentralized markets. Even though DeFi offers many potential benefits, the challenges have held it from mass adoption. Here we will focus on the top five problems of DeFi.

The Vulnerability of Smart Contracts

If you are new to the decentralized finance system, smart contracts are programmed algorithms that include all the terms and conditions of a traditional contract. It automatically processes an agreement between two parties once the program has been set.

However, it can cause a loss of funds if there is a flaw or mistake in the code. Even if it eases the contract process, a small mistake in the code can lead to huge financial loss. Another potential flaw in the smart contracts is user error. If the user uses the wrong address for sending the money, it can also lead to a huge loss.

Unpredictable Markets

Another major problem of a decentralized financial system is the unpredictable market. As decentralized finance supports cryptocurrencies that are highly volatile and unpredictable, an investor may lose a large sum even if everything is alright technically.

Due to the market volatility and unpredictability that many people don’t want to adopt as a stable form of value exchange. Moreover, the value of each cryptocurrency may vary, in a different manner, so it’s not possible to choose a particular currency for financial transactions.

Improper Regulation

There is no precise regulation of the decentralized finance system across the world. As governments or central banks have no control over the transactions, most people don’t trust the system. Moreover, local governments can ban a cryptocurrency without any prior notice in some countries. It’s one of the major problems in the DeFi system.

Due to a lack of regulation, the probability of criminal activities is also high. As the system offers anonymity, anyone can send or receive money without disclosing their names, which gives the opportunity to the criminals.

Low Liquidity

As the crypto space is filled with thousands of digital currencies, it can be difficult to cash out your crypto holdings. You may also find it difficult to exchange one crypto with another due to low liquidity. As a result, you may not get your cash on time, which is a big issue in the decentralized finance system.

Although many crypto supporters claim that cryptocurrencies are highly liquid assets, it’s only true for only a few digital assets. However, they are also occasionally liquid. As a result, you cannot exchange your assets seamlessly, which makes the finance system inefficient.

High Collateral

Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, getting loans can be difficult. In most cases, lenders are ready to offer loans, but they ask for very high collateral for that. It puts the borrower in a difficult situation to get loans. The borrowers cannot get loans unless they keep the collateral that lenders demand.

The above problems hold back the decentralized finance system from mass adoption. However, crypto investors use decentralized apps like bitcoin digital login to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies.

The Bottom Line

Several solutions have been developed by technologists and entrepreneurs addressing the issues of a decentralized financial system. The digital form of currency and decentralized fiancé system will get mass adoption after it becomes mature and overcome the problems mentioned above. Finally, please share your views on this post in the comment section.


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