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Top 5 Individuals And Their Predictions For Bitcoins In 2021


Since the introduction of Bitcoin in the market, we have seen several experts making predictions on the Bitcoin investment price fluctuation. This prediction has been an influential source of information for future Bitcoin investments.

The term Bitcoin was coined in 2009. Since then, the market has seen an increase in Bitcoin’s price from zero cents to thousands of dollars. One of the famous stories that revolve in the Bitcoin market is about Laszlo Hanyecz, a developer in Florida, who bought two pizzas for 10000 Bitcoin.

Yes, that’s true. At that time, the price of the 10000 BItcoin Was around $40. If he had held those Bitcoins, he would have been a millionaire today.

The story mentioned above is the prime example of how Bitcoin has shown exponential growth in a short period.

Hence, the only question that arises is, is there any limit to Bitcoin’s growth? If so, to what heights? Well, there are no certainties in the Bitcoin market. There are certainly several anti Bitcoin investors who believe that the Bitcoin market is just a bubble. And when the bubble bursts, the price of the Bitcoin will fizzle back to cents.

Predictions Made By Top Individuals

When we talk about Bitcoin prediction, there are a handful of them. Some predictions are short to mid-term, while some are mid to long term.

Here are some of the most intriguing predictions made by the Crypto trade veterans.

1. Anthony Pompliano

Pompliano is a digital currency investor and the founder of Morgan Greek Digital. In the recent interviews by CNBC, Antony predicted that the bitcoin price might see an unstoppable surge due to the demand in the market. He also added that if the big traders and investors start joining the Crypto trade market, it is possible to see the Bitcoin price reaching $100,000.

According to Anthony, the supply of Bitcoin is increasing at an astonishing rate. This has fueled the macroeconomic environment’s sudden push.

2. Tyler Winklevoss

Tyler Winklevoss has always been optimistic about the Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. He said that he got this hint after seeing one of the most renowned banks claiming that Bitcoin might reach hundreds of thousands of dollars at the end of 2021.

Tyler Winklevoss replied to the bank Twitter post, saying that that can is true. If the CRypto trade market keeps growing at the same as now, there is a possibility for the Bitcoin crossing the $300K mark.

3. Mike Novogratz

According to Mike, the Bitcoin price will see steep acceleration due to low supply and an increase in new buyers. His prediction was made after seeing a significant boost in the number of new investors during the initial phase of the pandemic. He also added that we would see a second successful rally with Bitcoin’s price rising to $65000 by the end of 2021.

4. Marc van der Chijs

Marc Van Der Chij is one of the well-known millionaires in the Crypto trading industry. He is an entrepreneur who made a huge fortune by selling his founded video-making company for $4 billion. Marc has always been enthusiastic about technologies. This is the reason why he finds Bitcoin more appealing than the traditional fiat currencies.

He made a prediction, where he claimed that the price of the Bitcoin would be $150,000. He also engorged people by saying that it is still not late to invest in Bitcoin.

5. Tom Fitzpatrick

Top Fitzpatrick is the head of Citibank’s Global group. In a recent interview, he predicted that the way the US economy is shifting to the Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, we can see Bitcoin’s price surging to over $300,000. Although he conceded that this scenario might be improbable, we can certainly achieve that with the right course of action.

Tom also added that Bitcoin is all about unthinkable and unmeasurable rallies at the end of his conversation. Hence, Bitcoin might have huge price swings before settling on the price prediction.

The Bottom Line

The predictions are made depending on the current market value. These predictions might not come true in the future, but it certainly gives a glimpse of the crypto trader platform we might see in the near future.


Well, these are some of the top individuals making predictions. What do you think? How much truth do their predictions hold?

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