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Teenager sings against child abuse


GWERU up-and-coming gospel artiste Sheon Chimalizeni (11) has released a touching song, Achatinunura that has an accompanying video which speaks to abuse of children and how they continue to suffer in silence.


In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Chimalizeni said the single was inspired by the recent ritual murder of a seven-year-old Murehwa boy, Tapiwa Makore, who was allegedly killed by his uncle.

“I was motivated to sing the song by the need for adults to pay “special attention to children’s rights. Child abuse is rampant and there is need to stop it,” she said.

“I feel singing gospel is in my blood and I can express myself on different subjects besides that of child abuse.”

In the opening verse of the song written by Zela and Sheon’s father, Sydleck and produced by Rox, Sheon poses a question — who is going to save children from abuse in this world? She answers herself saying no one will protect them except God.

In another verse, she sings: Kodzero dzedu dzombundikidzwa, Zuva nezuva vanototi nyarara, ndonyarara sei ndichiziva chokwadi. (Our rights are abused everyday and the adults say keep quiet, how can I be silent when I know the truth.

In the song, Sheon states that she tried to tell relatives about the abuse, but they kept telling her to keep quiet.

At the end, Sheon turns to God when she says — they cry to him as the only saviour to deal with the burden of child mistreatment. Sheon said she was working on another single titled Holy Spirit to be released soon.

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