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Parents besiege Harare private school


THERE was chaos on Friday at the privately-owned Waterfalls Garden Junior School in Waterfalls, Harare, as angry parents protested against a fee increase.


The fees at the school were increased from US$220 to US$550 per term from next year without the consent of parents who protested against the headmaster Brian Nenjerama and school directors.

Dozens of parents gathered at the school, demanding a meeting with the authorities who, however, did not avail themselves.

“The principal is ignoring the parents’ demands to meet them and now parents are forced to come to the school despite COVID-19 fears,” one of the parents said.

The parents bemoaned maladministration at the school and poor communication.

A school official, Paddington Nenjerama, who parents said was a brother to the owner of the school, refused to entertain questions from NewsDay.

In anger, Nenjerama manhandled NewsDay photojournalist Shepherd Tozvireva, who he violently threw out of the school yard.

“Get out, these are private premises,” Nenjerama shouted as he dragged Tozvireva.

The parents have since petitioned the school, demanding that the fee increase be stopped.

Parents also demanded that the school uniforms should be sold at market prices. Other grievances included improvement of the school online teaching platform, as well as reduction of the too many school trips that are very expensive.

They said the school was also not registered as an examination centre.

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