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Ndebele responds to Zifa


Premier Soccer League (PSL) chief executive Kennedy Ndebele has responded to issues raised by Zifa against him which border on undermining the authority of the football mother body.


Although NewsDay Sport is not privy to the contents of letter Ndebele penned to Zifa, his boss, PSL chairman Farai Jere yesterday confirmed that Zifa were in possession of the

“Kenny (Ndebele) responded to those allegations, but I have not seen the correspondence he made to Zifa. Zifa are with that letter and nothing has progressed from there. I know the PSL CEO has responded to those allegations,” Jere said, who sits on the Zifa board.

Zifa made a litany of allegations against Ndebele last month accusing him of making unfavourable statements to the Press regards to the resumption of football, writing to the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) and World League Forum on the same matter.

The football mother body said Ndebele needed authority from Zifa to write those letters.

The other allegation was failure to submit details of club accounts to Zifa on request.

However, Zifa said the allegations did not constitute a charge of misconduct but part of an investigative process.

Statements to the Press were made by Ndebele between August and September and Zifa said his comments demeaned the standing of soccer mother body and were meant to bring the game of football into disrepute.

Zifa asked Ndebele to confirm if the statements were his and to hold a Press conference to either confirm or deny the comments.

He was also asked to confirm if he authored the letter to the SRC.

Ndebele had been requested to respond in seven days or “…the association shall draw advise, inferences and will proceed to make a determination on the options available to it without an input from you”.
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