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Mudslinging in fight for Makoni DCC chairmanship


THE tussling for Makoni chairmanship in the Zanu PF district co-ordination committee (DCC) elections tomorrow has escalated, with candidates engaged in smear campaigning.


One Albert Nyakuedzwa is being accused of using his wife, Happiness Nyakuedzwa who is the Zanu PF Manicaland Women’s League chairperson, to canvass for support.

The Manicaland provincial women’s league boss has reportedly caused confusion in the district as she is openly campaigned for her husband against the party’s directive for provincial members not to be involved.

Her involvement has led other provincial members joining in the battle, campaigning for their preferred candidates.

Nyakuezwa will face off against Makoni South MP Misheck Mataranyika and former Zanu PF provincial vice-chairperson Joseph Mujati.

Some Zanu PF supporters in Makoni district were yesterday fuming against Nyakuedzwa.

“The ground is now uneven because one of the candidates is using his wife’s position in the party to woo supporters and harassing them and also using party resources. He was seen with his wife’s women league vehicle campaigning and this is against the party’s directive,” said one supporter on condition of anonymity.

“Our women’s league boss Happiness Nyakuedzwa addressed a Makoni South inter-district meeting openly campaigning for her husband despite that she is a provincial member,” another supporter said.

“Nyakuedzwa has reportedly roped in G40 elements aligned to Kudzi Chipanga such as Genious Chipfupa, Passionate Majachani, Tariro Mhondiwa, among others,” the supporter further alleged.

“Mataranyika is trustworthy and has been uniting disgruntled supporters in the district and has implemented various projects which will see us going forward as a district,” another supporter said.

Nyakuedzwa denied his wife was campaigning for him.

”I am doing my own campaign, I have my own cars, I have nine small cars, people should just come on the ground and see. I am confident of winning the election,” he said.

Nyakuedzwa’s wife phone went unanswered when sought for comment yesterday.

Mujati yesterday said he was confident he will win the election.

“Please don’t denounce me, by Monday I will be your boss in Makoni district,” he said.

Mataranyika said he was also confident of winning the election.

“I will win,” he said.

The district is considered one of Manicaland province’s hotbeds and is home to former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa.

The campaigning period has torn the ruling party heavyweights that were contesting for the chairmanship.

Nyakuedzwa was once jailed for three years in 2005 for allegedly killing a war veteran before being pardoned through a Presidential Amnesty, reportedly due to his closeness to Mutasa.

He is considered a Mutasa disciple.

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