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Lawyer up for theft of motor vehicle



A GURUVE-BASED lawyer Nancy Mabhoyi (37) of Mabhoyi and Associates has been summoned to Bindura magistrates’ courts to answer a case of motor vehicle theft.

Mabhoyi is set to appear in court on January 25 next year

According to State papers, on March 27 2017, the complainant Simbarashe Zema (21) was arrested on unlawful entry and theft at a premise in Mvurwi and approached Mabhoyi for her services. Simbarashe was convicted and sentenced to five years behind bars.

The complainant did not have enough money and through his father, Edzai Zema, they gave to the lawyer Simbarashe’s Mazda 323 valued at $2300.

Zema left the car as surety that he would bring the $340 that was owed to the lawyer.

When Zema came with the money, the lawyer had sold the car without his consent. Simbarashe was also not consulted.

Mabhoyi was previously convicted of car theft after she stole a car from a legal aid company.

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