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How Casino is growing in Zimbabwe


There many natural reserves to visit if you happen to be in Zimbabwe, but the one thing yet should definitely do is visit the flashy land based casinos that the country enjoys.  With gambling in Africa having been gaining a steady momentum, Zimbabwe is deemed to be the hidden gambling paradise that is yet to be discovered. If you are looking for a list with top casinos, you are at the right place dear player.  Read on, for all the top casinos you should visit.

Regency Casino

If you ask anyone in Zimbabwe about the Regency, they will tell you that the brand has been there for over 30 years, and the brand has 5 massive land based casino outlets spread across the country. The main Regency Casino is located in midtowns at the Rainbow Conference Centre and is very much accessible by anyone that wants to pay the casino a visit. The casino hosts many table games and events, and also has a VIP Lounge where highroller can enjoy some of the biggest betting games around. Here you can enjoy Blackjack, Roulette, Table games, and even Casino Wars a new game.  The Regency is open daily from 10am, however the gaming tables start operating from 6pm onwards from Monday to Sunday

Montclair Casino Nyanga

One of the nicest gaming playgrounds located in Nyanga is definitely the Montclair Casino. Apart from being just your typical casino, the site is also a hotel, so gamblers can make out of it a gambling experience.  Here players can enjoy table games such as Roulette and blackjack with also a dedicated slot machine area.  Both walk-ins and also bookings are accepted at the Montclair Nyanga, and is open from 4pm daily, and from 2pm onwards during the weekends.

Montclair Harare Casino -Wing Wah Restaurant

Do not let the word restaurant fool you, as the Montcalie Harare Casino located at the Wing Wah Restaurant is a full fledged operational casino. Here you can enjoy some of the best decor a restaurant can enjoy, along with some of the best Chinese food in Zimbabwe.  If you are looking for some gambling fun, you will find it here also, as the site is an exceptional location for table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, with some slot machines available for you to spin. Just like the site in Nyanga, the Harare site is also open daily from 4pm, and open on weekends from 2pm onwards.

Makasa Sun Casino – Kingdom Hotel

If you had to ask a Zimbabwe resident what is the best gambling site across the country, chances is they will mention the Makasa Sun Casino at the Kingdom Hotel. The casino is located in the Kingdom which is one of the most glitzy places in Zimbabwe. Here you can enjoy slot machines, table games and more, in a very fancy setting, with some of the best food. Slot games and also table games are available here, all whilst you can enjoy a nice cocktail or alcoholic drink.  The place is open at 4pm, however on weekends, open from 2pm onwards.


Harare Sun Casino

Forming part of the Sun Casino group, hence part of  a chain, the Harare Sun Casino is quite a popular spot with gamblers. It is located at a prominent location where shows and conferences are held, hence is quite accessible for anyone visiting. Here you can enjoy American Roulette, Blackjack and also poker tables.  There are not many tables to choose from, but the experience you get here is one like no other.  The Sun Casino is open daily from 10am with slot machines are refreshments, however if you want to play table games, you have to visit from 4pm onwards.

Now that we have looked at the list with top casinos, it is time to book that flight and make it to your next gambling destination.  Choose one of the above casinos / hotels and enjoy the best land based gambling experience that is not Las Vegas.


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