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Ex-Japanese car importers to pay radiation inspection fees


GOVERNMENT yesterday ordered all newly-imported vehicles from countries which have experienced nuclear radiation such as Japan to be inspected for radiation before they enter the country with immediate effect.


The regulations were published in Statutory Instrument 281 of 2020 by the Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe (RPAZ) chief executive Justice Chipuru.

It reads: “There is now a requirement in terms of SI 281of 2020 titled Radiation Protection (Safety and Security of Radiation Sources) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (No 5), that all vehicles being imported into Zimbabwe from countries that experienced nuclear incidents (Japan) be inspected for radiation contamination with immediate effect.”

The directive came a fortnight after the government banned imports of second-hand vehicles more than 10 years old to contain the import bill and to promote the domestic motor industry.
Chipuru said contamination inspection for light motor vehicles was US$10 while decontamination was pegged at US$50.

Inspection of buses, heavy vehicles, haulage trucks and trailers is pegged at US$20 and decontamination at US$100.

Japan suffered a nuclear disaster nine years ago after an earthquake and tsunami damaged and destroyed its Fukushima Nuclear Plant and also destroyed over 1 million buildings.


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