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Eggs production up by 24%


ZIMBABWE’S egg production for the first nine months of this year is estimated to be 45 million dozen, up 24% compared with the same period last year, boosted by large-scale producers, an official has said.


In the period under review, egg production averaged about 5 million dozen per month.

In his latest industry update, Zimbabwe Poultry Association (ZPA) chairman Solomon Zawe said large-scale growing and in-lay layer production stocks increased to 1,33 million birds in the third quarter (Q3), being an increase of 8% over the same period in 2019.

“Third quarter large-scale table egg production has increased by 13% over the second quarter to 2,2 million dozen per month in Q3 whereas small-holder table egg production is estimated to have decreased by 6% to 2,9 million dozen per month.

“As a result, total egg production is estimated to have increased by 2% to 5,1 million dozen per month,” Zawe said.

Zawe said the wholesale price of a tray of 30 table eggs increased by 53% in Q3 to $271 (US$2,58) in September.

Meanwhile, Zawe said poultry feeds continue to dominate the stockfeed industry and in the third quarter of 2020, accounted for 67% of all feeds produced by weight and 74% by monetary value, closely tracking broiler day-old chick production.

He said feed production averaged 33 136mt per month, being an increase of 17% compared with Q3 of 2019.

Production of broiler feed increased by 32% in the prior period while layer feeds changed by -3%.

“Production of breeder feeds and poultry concentrates were 28% and 17% higher than the second quarter,” the ZPA boss said.

On average, Zawe said prices of raw materials procured in the third quarter of 2020 increased by 53%.

However, indexed to the USD, the price of procurements decreased by 7%.

The price of maize and solvent extracted soya meal averaged $24 964 (US$237) and $44 321 (US$422/mt) while third quarter prices of feeds increased by 35% (-13% in USD terms).

Average weighted wholesale prices of broiler and layer feeds rose by 40% (-14% in USD value terms) and 50% (-14% USD value terms), respectively, to $43 191/mt (USD 411/mt) and $32 488/mt (USD 309/mt).

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