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Author explores role of self-image in victorious living


Title: Self-Image
Author: Proud Chamutinya
Publisher: Royalty Books (2020)
ISBN: 978-1-77925-821-2
PROUD Chamutinya is an emerging Christian author whose debut publication, Self-Image, carries explosive revelations on the real identity of the new creation with themes including identity, self-image and mirror effect.

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Chamutinya contends that information can be used as a powerful weapon to bring transformation to an individual. He seeks to answer an array of questions that have vexed mankind for centuries particularly how perception plays a crucial role in moulding an individual and their mindset.

He describes self-image as “the power that governs the actions of an individual in both good and bad situations” and consequently defines one’s standing. A human being, according to Chamutinya, “is a complex genetic expression” and “a manifestation of a complex order of functional units called cells”.

The author uses the scriptures as bankable authority to explore the significance of image, and how everything else in one’s life could be connected to one’s perception of the self — this is moreso for the believer who carries the inherent nature, characteristics and disposition of their Creator in their spirits.

The scripture references are used in such a way that they built upon each other to strengthen Chamutinya’s argument.

Chamutinya stresses that the fact that the Bible says we are God’s “workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works” (Ephesians 2:10) is a demonstration of the nature of God at work in those of the faith. This implies that Christ serves as the blueprint upon which true believers are patterned.

The timeless argument on the relationship between science and faith emerges in this book, with the author demonstrating that faith is not necessarily contradictory to science as many would try to have us believe. After all, it is God who created science. He writes: “Humanity is an ordered expression of predetermined structural functioning in line with God’s blueprint.”

Chamutinya argues that one’s capabilities and sense of the self are embedded in their identity, implying that identity is the axis upon which everything else in an individual’s life revolves. He further contends that the image of God is embedded in human genes — which explains the human qualities of dominion, fruitfulness, multiplication ability, duties of subduing and replenishing which are God-ordained.

The book demonstrates that human identity should never be derived from the environment — which has the capacity to condition people — but from God. By nature, man is “a movement against negativity”. Our earthly call, Chamutinya contends, is “to manifest the self; that is a man who is blessed, fruitful, dominant, subduing and replenishing.”

We learn here that “every human being functions from self-image”. Chamutinya describes it as “a system of thoughts which directs human behaviour and manifests an individual’s identity and abilities”.

Self-perception is like a thread that runs throughout the book as Chamutinya seeks to make his readers understand that an individual is “never different from how you see yourself in your mind”.

Everything, therefore, begins in the mind. Now and again, the author goes scientific, like when he demonstrates the differences between the “brain” and the “mind”. The role of conditioning in developing self-image is also explored.

Chamutinya further explores the idea that everyone desires to experience health, wealth, happiness and prosperity but demonstrates how all these are closely tied to self-image. This explains the fundamental biblical call which shows the significance of conditioning as a key building block in the construction of self-image.

Life is shown as a fertile ground for every seed of a thought sown. Your self-image can either be good or bad depending on how you are conditioned. Chamutinya writes: “Your life is a portrait of your self-image. If you constantly ponder on a thought it eventually becomes you. Meaning for everything you desire in life, build the self-image that aligns with the thing you desire.”

This book is a handy tool for believers who want to understand their true identity and how to live a victorious life of faith in the now.

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