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Actors snub Doesmatter’s burial


THE acting community on Monday abandoned their own as they snubbed the burial of the late actor Charles “Doesmatter” Jackson who was buried at Zororo Memorial Park along Harare-Chitungwiza Road.


Unlike previous burials of some actors, Doesmatter famed for his role in the Timmy naBhonzo series, did not receive the befitting send-off that usually characterises celebrity funerals.

Doesmatter died at the age of 52 on Saturday morning after a short illness.

By the time of his death, he was starring in the series Tribute to Mdhara currently showing on ZBCTv every Saturday at 10pm.

Timothy “Timmy” Tapfumanei told NewsDay Life & Style that actors ought to support each other when death struck.

“What happens in the industry is that you might be on television, but not very popular. Even though, I thought since we are an industry fellow artists would come and mourn with us,” he said.

“Jackson was very humble and very cooperative. Whenever he was called for a production he could come without hesitating. In the industry we meet different people who are difficult to work with, but that was not the case with Doesmatter,” he said.

“Our relationship was now beyond acting as we could assist each.”

Timmy said the death of Doesmatter was, however, not going to affect the production.

“Our production is not going to stop, but the challenge is we wanted people who participated much in Timmy naBhonzo,” he said.

“We submitted 35 episodes and it will run into 2021. In comedy you don’t do all episodes because there are times when you need to respond to trending issues.”

Renowned music producer and instrumentalist Clive “Mono” Mukundu, who produced two albums for Jackson’s daughter Theresa, described the late as a very supportive father.

“Jackson was very supportive to her daughter. Of late men did not value children who do arts. The girl child was generally given little support. He was among parents who represent a paradigm shift in parenthood. Parents who not only supporting kids, but the girl child,” he said.

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