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Why customer care personnel should have a matching personality


The COVID-19 pandemic has really brought to surface the undeniable reality that it is very important to match customer care agents or representatives with their personality for the survival of any business.


The fact that businesses have had to be forced to engage in virtual customer care has fervently supported my notion that in as much as personnel can be trained on product knowledge, time management and business acumen it is not sufficient if they do not have the personality to go with it.

The lack of friendliness, clear communication and empathy which cannot be trained, but in my outlook is inborn will even be virtually seen to be falling short.

This plight has also surfaced due to lack of supervision with some employees working from home, companies are at the mercy of employees’ trustworthiness to deliver good service, a testing indeed of personality to which good time management or product knowledge cannot always guarantee good service.

Oh yes, I decided to pose this article title in the form of a question to perhaps trigger the reasons from the word go as it appears to be taken flippantly.
Customer care is fast dwindling in a world you would expect to be getting better because of automation.

One would think this makes the job of serving customers well easier, could this be a sign that we are getting lazier by the day as automation advances?

One would think advanced automation means everyone automatically becomes customer care savvy, after all there is probably less talking needed as a result, but alas the very little talking can land you customerless if the person serving has a personality that is “customer scare” instead of “customer care”.

It is very easy for organisations to have the former if they do not pay attention to personality traits of individuals interacting with customers in whatever fashion, WhatsApp, email, phone, face to face or other means possible today.

A reason sometimes cited as cause for not paying attention to personality is high inflation which then limits reward management.

The art of matching customer care personnel with personality helps with customer retention which is more preferable to customer attraction.

Indeed the cost of conforming to this may be high in the initial stages but the later beneficial in terms of a widening customer base and inevitably financially in the long run as compared to non-conformance.

Good personality traits include problem solving skills, clear communication, friendly attitude, empathy, business acumen, product or service knowledge and strong time management, https://www.hatchbuck.com/blog/qualities-customer-service-rep/.

A stellar customer service representative can put himself or herself in the customer’s shoes and understand where frustrations come from.

Empathy is necessary to offer the right solution. Often when people complain, they really just want their problem to be acknowledged and to see that you care. Being empathetic can ease frustrations and maintain a brand’s reputation.

Customer care representative statements such as “I thought you would call” yet you are the person or organisation offering the service and not being pro-active by getting in touch first is the fastest way to kill a business.

There are some customer care agents who engage with a tit for tat attitude instead of just narrating the relevant information a customer needs, the customer literally has to dig information out of the customer care representative.

However, in today’s fast-paced society, customers are often seen as numbers on a spreadsheet.
Clear communication means a customer care team will have a hard time solving a customer’s problem if they can’t communicate the solution clearly.

However, clear communication isn’t as easy as it sounds. Often, that means cutting out the jargon in favour of language that even the non-technical can understand.

As I conclude, the ability to stay genuine and show clients that they really matter to your business can make a whole world of a difference in their customer experience.

The majority of people prefer to interact with a human being when faced with issues, but with the ever now changing dynamics perhaps candid matching of personality for customer interacting personnel is imperative as a means of sustainable customer care.

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