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The Problem of Non-Commitment In Relationships Post-Divorce


Divorce procedure takes much time and energy and usually leaves the participants devastated and deprived of the desire to set new relationships. It is no wonder that people who have promised to commit to each other and live happily together are disappointed at all values to be broken down. So. they usually need time and courage to regain the wish to create new steady relationships. Some seek oblivion in a sequence of short-term affairs, some choose relationships without responsibilities, some isolate themselves and prefer loneliness and deep thinking. Every person decides on his/her own way to recover the wounds of ruined relationships or gain the courage to move on for the next step in private life.

Divorce Reasons Have Weight

The attitude and readiness to post-divorce relationship depends greatly on the person who set on the divorce docs rolling. If it was you who initiated the marriage to come to the end. it will be easier for you to take further steps since it was your desire to move apart and get the fresh start. Yet, if you were abandoned mourning about a broken marriage, it will take a decent time to start thinking about a new partner, maybe not with the commitment. In case of divorce as a result of infidelity, you may have even more hurdles than in any other option. Apart of fear to let the past connection go and lack of courage to move on, you will have to gain power to trust in relationships again before you will be able to commit fully to a new partnership.

Non-commitment or Delayed Commitment: What’s Your Problem?

The problem of non-commitment may be misunderstood and with the wrong measures taken it can grow worse. It may happen that due to certain reasons (fear, lack of desire or trust) you don’t wish to commit to the new relationships because you are either not ready or don’t see the point in taking it seriously. However, the delayed commitment may be understood as non-commitment and ruin promising relationships. Most people are very careful with post-divorce relationships since they need more time to understand the sincerity of relationships and trust the new partner. So, sometimes you need to gain patience and wait until things are settled to move on to a serious stage of relationships.

A Long Way to Post-Divorce Steady Relationship

Even if you have had the best divorce with beneficial outcomes, don’t expect a romantic fairy tale to begin the very next day. You will need some time to recover and gain energy to start qualitative relationships again. Settling private issues beforehand will give you a chance for a good start without past burdens. So, don’t hurry and build up your private life gradually and with care.

Understanding the Issue

To meet and understand the partner you need for post-divorce relationships, you need to understand your personal issues at first. Analyze your personal feelings and emotional state to decide on further steps and put in all efforts to succeed.

  • No wish – being offended by your ex-partner and disappointed to have such long and steady relationships burnt to ashes, you may obviously have no desire to start over again. It is a normal state. Give yourself time to heal wounds from divorce and gain the courage to move on.
  • A strong desire – some people hurl into a sequence of short-term affairs to forget their past or prefer relationships with no responsibility since they are not ready to trust partners. It is also a common case until you can handle the consequences, but mind to warn your partner about your real intentions at the beginning to avoid problems later.

If you learn to understand your real needs and take them as normal, leave your past behind and find energy and enthusiasm to create new social connections, you will be able to move on in the right direction.

There is no demanding, but serving one another in perfect love always focusing on the needs of the spouse more than selfdi

On the Way to Personal Happiness

Your post-divorce relationships should develop gradually according to your personal needs and sensible plan. There is no need either to hurry or pause your life, just because you are divorced.

  • Take your time – there are no set terms, after which you should definitely get yourself engaged in post-divorce relationships. Some people can make a good connection in a few days after they get divorce papers online and file for divorce, some may need weeks, months or even years. No matter how much time you need to recover, it is significant to move forward and develop your feelings and readiness for serious partnership, but not make a pause and wait for a miracle in self-isolation.
  • Establish your goals – understanding personal needs, you will be able to set your goals properly. Either you search for serious relationships, or short-term affairs or just a good friendship, you should clarify your intentions from the very beginning to get the expected results.
  • Move on – if you feel strong enough to move on to a serious stage and are sure in your partner, don’t postpone vital decisions and go forward on the way to personal happiness. Until it gets late.

Follow your plan and believe in yourself to get your post-divorce success and happiness.

Get Ready to Meet Personal Happiness

Non-commitment in the post-divorce relationship is a common thing. There is no need to be afraid or take it for granted. Work hard to move on, gain strength to let the past go, find inspiration to move on and meet personal happiness. If you still lack ideas to cope with your post-divorce issues, mind, that online divorce platforms may not only grant you cheap divorce services but also provide with qualitative post-divorce assistance.

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