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The Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2020.


Cryptocurrencies have prodded the world with the benefits. Everyone is crazy to know and learn about these currencies. The noise made by the profits that caused people to earn is enough for them to tap into the crypto world.

2020 is marked by the serious pandemic that caused various businesses and projects to decline. Many lost their assets and now when things got better, the people start earning to sustain. Many of the people are concerned with the investments.

It is one of the wisest decisions to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you want to invest then you must invest in digital assets. It is a better option than investing in other businesses.

People are not unaware of the popularity it is gaining day by day. Many people have now started educating themselves in the crypto world. Some take help from the platforms. Beginners usually use the bitcoin digital platform to ease all the obstacles they encounter during investments.

The most renowned cryptocurrency called the bitcoin was released in 2009 but not many people knew until 2013. After 2013 the real rise of these currencies began. Since then all the years it expanded and the growth cannot be ignored.

Many analysts predict that cryptocurrencies would have a good future. Even in 2020, the price fluctuated to $12000 recently. If the previous patterns are traced then the prediction about them is optimistic.

The blockchain technology of bitcoin made it popular and due to this technology people believe it to be safe and secure. However other currencies have made their mark too and are predicted to be a rise in 2020. Let’s have a look.

Bitcoin (BTC).

When you hear the term cryptocurrency, bitcoin is the currency that comes in your mind. This is because of the popularity it has gained. It is the oldest currency and still dominant globally.

Therefore, bitcoin will definitely rise in 2020. It will be the best decision to invest in bitcoin that has already made many people kings by just investing a few bucks.


Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum became the second largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin. 2018 has been the year having the meteoric rise of Ethereum where it reached $1423.

Ethereum is a bit advanced from bitcoin due to more enhanced blockchain technology. By using Ethereum you can build your own cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is easier and must be looked into for the investors who are planning to invest in 2020.


Ripple (XPR).

Ripple made a huge jump in 2017 when it started from zero to $2.4 within the same year. While the price dropped in 2018. But still, nothing to be sad about? You can still invest in 2020 because it may rise this year giving you huge profits.

Ripple is also used as a payment system for transacting international payments safer. How awesome is this when you come to know that your payment with ripple gets transferred within seconds despite taking long days?


Litecoin (LTC).

Litecoin cannot be ignored. Like Ripple, it also showed great performance in 2017. It started at $4 and grew up to $ 358. However, it dropped in 2018 but the game is not over yet. You can invest in Litecoin during this year because it is expected that it would rise.

Moreover, during the last year the Litecoin and bitcoin followed the same patterns. Many people are interested in Litecoin because of the strong connection between the bitcoin. It completes a transaction four times faster than bitcoin.

Tron (TRX).

Tron is another great cryptocurrency and is a platform that gives you the only power. It is a blockchain-based project. Tron never shares your information with others. It keeps full privacy. It is one of the best currencies to be invested in 2020.

The question may come into your mind about the right time of investing in these currencies. However, the reality is no one knows a perfect time. Investing may be a risk but if the hit goes to the target then success is all yours! Moreover, the wisest way is to look at all the past patterns, and then on their basis, you should invest.

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