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Shelea’s episode 2 centred on COVID-19, promiscuity


WITH theatre playing an informative and educative role in people’s lives, the global COVID-19 and promiscuity are coming out as the dominant themes in the second episode of the Shelea radio drama airing on a local radio station.


The captivating drama (Shelea), produced by Patsimeredu Edutainment Trust, is part of a She-Leads project being spearheaded by Hivos in partnership with the Irish embassy in Pretoria, South Africa.

Written by Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba, the 13-week episode drama series airs every Thursday and carries many themes as it chronicles the struggles and triumphs of women in contemporary society.

In the drama, the audiences are warned not to relax in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

They are reminded to continue adhering to the measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus such as practising social distancing and wearing of face masks.

The episode opens with main character Caroline Magenga (pictured) who stars as Shelea Gore addressing women from different churches at Mary Magdalene Ministries who were attending a detergents-making training workshop.

Religion in this episode is portrayed as a unifier that enables people from different denominations to gather and share ideas on societal issues. In this case it was about the COVID-19 pandemic and how women can be empowered to fight the scourge.

“Here we treat our visitors as God’s guests, you are not only our visitors but God’s visitors too, so let’s all put aside where we are coming from and be united as we all represent the body of Christ,” she said.

“As we gather here ladies, let’s embrace each other, let’s smile at each other, but let’s not forget that we are in this global COVID-19 pandemic, so we must not shake hands. This must not be mistaken as a sign of being proud, no, coronavirus is real, so let’s keep ourselves and others safe.”

The episode also touches on issues of promiscuity as evidenced by the character Sekuru Jakarasi who is married to Mai Praise, but engages in many transient sexual relationships that threaten to break his marriage.

In this episode, Sekuru Jakarasi is portrayed as a serial cheater by wife (Mai Praise) who threatens to end their marriage. She also accuses the husband of abusing her and infringing her rights, by denying her permission to go to work.

“No one knows what I am going through in this marriage, I have decided to end it. I have tried my best to make it work, but it has failed,” she said.

“Mabhena your uncle does not allow me to go to work like other women. He doesn’t allow me to go to work so that he can abuse me at will”

As Sekuru Jakarasi’s troubled wife (Mai Praise) gets fed up with her husband’s shenanigans, she contemplates leaking pictures of her partner’s girlfriend dressed in bikinis on social media in a bid to expose the illicit affair.

Mai Praise is, however, warned by nephew (Mabhena) of the dangers of such action which might get her arrested.

In this digital era many people have been victims of reverse pornography.

The fascinating drama follows the story of a young female politician, Shelea, who faces hurdles as she tries to balance between being a wife, mother at the same time rising to power and making a difference in her community.

The drama’s cast includes award-winning actress Caroline Mashingaidze, veteran actor Nash Mphepo, Siziba, Nobert Makoche, Magenga, Shahmaine Mukutirwa and Farirai Mhuru.

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