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“Scholarship turned my life around”


FAITH Dambwara’s life turned upside down when her father abandoned the family when she was just a small child in the early 2000s.For her, the departure of the breadwinner meant doom and gloom.

By Staff Reporter

Her dream to pursue education and get professional qualifications appeared shuttered.

By then she was living in Beitbridge before she was taken in by his uncle in Mutare, where completed her secondary education.

She would later pass Advanced Level with flying colours, but hailing from a poor family, none of her relatives had the money to take her to university.

“That was a dream shuttered for me because I had 14 points and no one had the money to pay for my University education, I and no option but to go and stay with my mom in Chivhu,” she narrated.

Her greatest fear was that she would just get married without achieving her dream.

She was only 18 years then and to her everything had turned upside down as there was no hope to pursue her dreams.

She opted to go and stay with her mother Mary Mhenyu in Chivhu where she was just assisting her doing all the jobs at home.

By then her mother used to be a committee member at a local school Madondo Primary School in Chivhu.

One day her mother met Tarcy Ngoma who is in the management for the Alfred Dondo Foundation that was already assisting people in the area.

“Alfred Dondo Foundation was already assisting young people with disabilities in community and that is when they agreed to fund for my education,” she said.

The Foundation then assisted her in applying for a degree programme at the Chinhoyi Univesity of Technology where she graduated with an accounting degree.

“From my school fees they paid, my food and everything that indeed at school they paid. If you have any problem that you have they assist,”

Dambara’s also most shuttered dream came into reality on 2 October when she finally graduated with an upper second class degree in accounting.

“My message there to those who are getting assistance from Alfred Dondo Foundation is that they should be grateful and take the opportunity seriously because not everyone who is getting such kind of assistance, now I am employed at Impala Car Rental,” she said.

She said those who are being abused at their places should feel free to take their problems to the Foundation as it has assisted several people.

The foundation has left a mark in different communities as they are assisting hundreds of people living with disabilities and those with a number of conditions.
Recently they got a thumps up when they assisted the Nyanga family that lives with a rare condition.

Faith is now a graduate trainnee in the accounting department at Impala Car Rental

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