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Rheam to launch second novel


BULAWAYO-BASED author Bryony Rheam is set to launch her much-anticipated second novel titled All Come to Dust in partnership with amaBooks Publishers on November 11 at the Zimbabwe Academy of Music in the counrty’s second largest city.


A winner of the international Write Your Own Christie competition, Rheam is an enthusiastic reader of Agatha Christie writing, and the novel is written in the style of a Christie detective story style.

In a statement, amaBooks director Brian Jones said anyone who had experienced life in Zimbabwe would enjoy the novel.

“Local readers will recognise many of the characters, people they come across in the towns and cities of Zimbabwe as they go about their daily lives. Readers will be kept on the edge of their seats trying to find out exactly what happened to Marcia Pullman, but they will also find much to smile about,” he said.

The novel, set in modern-day Zimbabwe, also looks back to the time just before Independence.

The storyline revolves around Marcia Pullman who was found dead at home in a leafy suburb of Bulawayo. Chief Inspector Edmund Dube is on the case at once, but it becomes increasingly clear that there are those, including the dead woman’s husband, who do not want him asking questions.

The case drags Edmund back into his past, to his childhood when his mother’s employer disappeared and was never heard of again, an incident that has eclipsed his life. As the investigation into the death progresses, Edmund realises the two mysteries are inextricably linked and that unravelling the past is a dangerous undertaking that threatens his very sense of self.

Rheam’s debut novel This September Sun won Best First Book at the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Awards and was made a setbook for Advanced Level Literature in English.
In the United Kingdom, the book topped the Amazon sales charts.

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