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Police raise red flag over beer binges killings


POLICE have expressed concern over escalation of murder cases emanating from disputes at beer outlets.


National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed cases of murder in Chakari and Mvurwi over the weekend, adding that disregarding lockdown regulations and operating beer outlets was in most cases leading to such incidents.

“Police notes with concern an increase in those who disregard the government’s lockdown directives. People are becoming complacent and not complying with the safety measures that have been put in place by the government,” he said.

“Disregarding of these measures has consequences as people are now killing each other using knives and logs at bottle stores or beerhalls.”

Nyathi warned those who are operating night clubs, shebeens and casinos that they will face the consequences and urged people to stay at home for safety reasons.

Police on Saturday arrested Tawanda Karigamombe (20) of Chakari after he allegedly stabbed Rizheti Matoreri (21) following a misunderstanding in a bar.
Karigamombe was arrested before he could flee to neighbouring South Africa after stabbing the now-deceased in the chest.

Police said the allegations were that Karigamombe and Matoreri were drinking beer in Bhowera Mine compound in Chakari before the accused had an altercation with a 34-year-old woman and started beating her up, accusing her of having stepped on his toes.

Karigamombe reportedly head-butted the woman and pulled her hair before other revellers intervened.

In the ensuing melee, Karigamombe stabbed the now-deceased in the chest, who died from the injuries over 100 metres away from the

Nyathi said police also arrested Langton Machengu (28) in Mvurwi at the weekend for the murder of Evans Murai (25) over a misunderstanding during a beer drink at Reza Bottle Store, Brandon Farm.

He said Murai and Machengu were drinking beer and the deceased is said to have kicked Machengu’s relative, identified as Prosper Machengu, who was sleeping on the verandah of the bottle store.

Machengu reacted angrily towards Murai for kicking his relative grabbed a wooden stick and struck the now-deceased twice on the head.
Murai died before he could make it to hospital.

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