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Parly spurns push for separate ‘Ndebele State’


A GWANDA man has lodged a complaint against Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda over a petition he sent to Parliament calling for Matabeleland region to be declared a separate state in terms of the pre-1893 colonial boundaries, which was dismissed by the Speaker.


In his petition dated September 1, Ndaniso Mpande had pleaded with Parliament to call for a referendum whereby people would then decide whether there should be separation of Matabeleland and restoration of pre-1893 colonial boundaries.

But the National Assembly threw away the petition after the Speaker made a ruling saying that “the petition was deemed inadmissible and the petitioner was notified accordingly”.

Mpande, however, in his letter of complaint dated October 21, expressed dissatisfaction over Mudenda’s ruling.

“Now I am asking for that written notification be given with reasons. I am told the letter is missing. I do hereby register a complaint to you that I am not happy with the way my petition was handled in Parliament,” the letter read.

In his petition, Mpande claimed that Matabeleland pressure groups and political parties such as Moses Mzila-Ndlovu’s Alliance for National Salvation and the secessionist Mthwakazi Republic Party were in support of his petition.

“A Bill must be drafted in terms of the Fifth Schedule (section 130 and 131) part 2(1) of the Zimbabwe Constitution Amendment Bill (No 20) ACT 2013 to give the people of Matabeleland region a chance to choose if they want self-determination and to restore the 1893 boundary or to continue through a process of a referendum. The Bill must be enacted into law in terms of Chapter (6) part 6 section 131(8),” the petition reads.

Government has argued that Zimbabwe is a unitary State amid calls for a Ndebele monarch and secession.

Mpande said the continued refusal by authorities to address the issue of pre-colonial boundaries will continue fuelling tribalism.

“The petition of the undersigned is mindful of the fact that the call for restoration of boundaries as it was in 1893 is rising each day and continues dividing the people of present Zimbabwe that makes tribalism and hate speech part of our living.

“That is and has promoted mistrust in our working environments, in socialisation, in sporting competitions and that also affects the security stability.”

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