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Online Entertainment Options in South Africa


In the present times, when a major chunk of the world’s population is struggling to find ways to entertain itself, there are now, virtual entertainment options available which allow you to explore national landmarks, theme parks, museums & theatres, and more through free or paid online experiences.

Virtual Museum Tours

Access a myriad of virtual museums if you aren’t ready to venture into a public space yet and enjoy some incredible online displays and exhibitions through a virtual tour. Renowned for its rich assortment of Pan-African sculpts and art, the Melrose Gallery presents exhibitions online, where each artwork is showcased with voice recordings by the artists and a group of thinkers, poets, writers and creators. Then, there’s the Standard Bank Art Gallery where you can marvel at the work of Africa’s finest painters and sculptors. You can enjoy more exhibitions and tours online with the Stevenson gallery, Everard Read Gallery and Goodman Gallery.

Virtual Theatre

With most land-based theatres still closed, there are a variety of virtual plays you can enjoy at the Market Theatre. One of the several African cultural organizations that have gone online in recent times, the Market Theatre commissioned the production of 10 plays to be streamed online of 15 minutes each in May 2020. It is now coming out with brand new contemporary shows that touch on issues most South Africans and people across the globe are facing. Work is in progress for these plays to be aired virtually in Zimbabwe, Ghana and Namibia as well.

Online Games and Casinos

The world of online gaming has taken the world by storm and South Africa is witnessing a growing number of players in different genres of online games and iGaming each year. Although the South African gaming industry is comparatively small, it is growing at exponentially. Some of the most popular games in SA include Dota 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and CS: Go. When it comes to iGaming, although it is illegal to gamble at an online casino in SA, there are some online portals like JackpotCity online casino which are licensed and have been allowed to accept wagers from SA citizens and residents. As a player you can find a number of options online where you can play slots, card games and more for real money and have fun!

National Park Tours

Saunter through some of SA’s national parks from the comfort of your home and enjoy a series of interesting virtual tours. See videos of penguins wandering around Simon’s Town in the Rainbow Nation or watch lions lazing around the streets of Kruger National Park, one of the largest national reserves in South Africa. There are a number of virtual itineraries that include tours with Table Mountain National Park, Agulhas National Park, Karoo National Park, Golden Gate Highlands and more. You can also visit safariLive for a live-stream sunset/sunrise tour or virtual safaris with some of SA’s most popular parks.

Virtual Quiz Games

If you like keeping your brain sharp and enjoy brainteasers, then make the most of a virtual pub quiz game. Normally held in pubs and bar, this spirited team activity is now a hit on online platforms where different quiz games are conducted through Zoom, FB live or YouTube. For instance, Let’s Get Quizzical SA, hosts online games every Tuesday in the evenings, which is live-streamed through FB at 19.00hrs. An exciting way of connecting with friends and bonding with family, this FB live quiz is free to attend. Then, there’s OMG Quiz Nights which uses Zoom Conferencing and offers an assortment of theme-based and fan-favourite themed contests.


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