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Mentorship, sponsorship key for rising artistes


BULAWAYO-BASED Afro-jazz artiste Agenda Maphosa said there was need for music companies to help up-and-coming artistes with mentorship and sponsorship so that they quickly find their feet in the music industry.


Maphosa told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that a lot of talent was lost as most gave up due to lack of support.

“Without money in the music industry, you cannot go anywhere no matter how good your music is. Some young stars end up smoking, drinking and engaging in other bad habits because of depression after finding it hard in their music careers,” he said.

“I wish our arts management could find a way to bring them closer, have programmes that also scout for talent from suburbs, small townships or anywhere around the country. I am very concerned about young up-and-coming stars because they are the future.”

The 25-year-old artiste-cum-hairdresser said he had faced challenges during the production of his second album Ekhaya Kuse Khaya.

The album features an array of music legends among them Albert Nyathi, Machanic Manyeruke, Jeys Marabini, Iyasa, Charles “Mahlaba” Banda and Sotja Moyo.

“I love music with all my heart, but things are getting tight especially if one does not have a proper sponsorship or a promoter as a lot of things are needed especially when you want a properly packaged album,” he said.

“There is a lot that is required, from recording fees, payment for instrumentalists, transport, and money to upload music online.”

Maphosa said for his second yet-to-be-finished album which will be launched soon, he had already spent over R5 000.

“I wish there was an organisation that could listen to up-and-coming artistes and support them since other artistes ask for bribes so as to assist those in need of help. A producer in Harare almost cheated me of my US$150 promising and giving high hope to facilitate a collaboration with Ammara Brown,” he said.

“Then another producer in Bulawayo took my US$40 promising to fix errors on my album which he never delivered according to the agreement and my money was not paid back.”

Maphosa said he had realised the importance of good management in the music industry for one’s dream to come true.

“I am urging young up-and-coming artistes to get mentorship and management to be protected from such things,” he said.

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