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Gringo’s death affects production of new series


THE death of Lazarus “Gringo” Boora last week came as a blow to film producers who were set to work on three new productions with the late entertainer.


A number of productions such as Gringo Troublemaker Two, Gringo naDaison and Chihwerure were on the cards and their scripts were just awaiting shooting.

Seasoned actor William “Gweshe Gweshe” Matenga, who worked with Gringo since the 1980s under Screen Talent Drama Club and on Gringo series, confirmed to NewsDay Life & Style that Gringo’s death had thrown spanners into the works.

“Gringo’s death came at a time we were seeking funds to produce Gringo Troublemaker Two. The story is ongoing, but now that the main actor is gone, I doubt if we can find someone who will fit in his shoes as the character is irreplaceable,” he said.

Gweshe Gweshe said they tried to groom Gringo’s son and it looked like he could handle it, “but you know acting needs talent, creativity and research”.

“A legend was plucked from the arts industry. Lazarus was very creative. He had the ability to identify hidden matters in the society and then reflect themto the people. He was humble, and liked to mix and mingle as anyone could approach him,” he said.

“When given a role Gringo played it wholeheartedly and in some instances he spiced his performance with what he witnessed in the society.”

Another actor Steven “Daison” Kaitano, who looked forward to working with Gringo in a production titled Gringo naDaison whose script was ready, concurred that it would be hard to find a perfect Gringo character.

“Gringo inspired me since childhood. It was my wish to work with him and my dream was nearly coming true. Gringo series writer Enock Chihombori and Mawoko Matema scriptwriter Itai Kakuwe were working together to produce Gringo naDaison. Now that he is gone, it is no longer possible,” he said.

“We once rehearsed with Gringo as casting was scheduled for January next year and shooting was scheduled for February hoping that the series would be on TV in July. Our script has been affected and we are likely to change it.”

Aaron Chiundura Moyo said he was working towards reproducing Chihwerure with Gringo featuring as Chenzira since he was initially not happy taking the role of a junior police officer.

“When I wrote the script of Chihwerure, I was to play the character Chenzira and Gringo was one of the people who had done well in that role during auditions. I, however, wanted him to act as a junior police officer as I did not want to let my role go and he did not forgive me for that,” he said.

“Two years ago they came to my place with Mbudziyadhura (Blessing Chimbowa) and Gringo eventually suggested that we redo the production and he was going to play Chenzira. Unfortunately, death came when this was yet to be fulfilled. I was ready to give the role to the one who initially deserved it.”
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