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Digital Transformation Can Stimulate Job Opportunities


Even before the coronavirus outbreak, online job opportunities were skyrocketing. Nowadays, even more businesses and individuals are turning to various digital platforms in search of an income. For example, many companies are starting to use e-commerce for the first time in order to be able to reach a wider audience due to various lockdowns and restrictions that local governments have put in place. On the other hand, countless individuals have lost their jobs and have difficulties making ends meet, which is why they are giving working from home a try.

So, which industries have been stimulated by digital transformation and which jobs can one find online? Keep on reading.

Social media managers

Seeing as how many brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to move online, the need for social media managers is rapidly increasing. The shops that used to rely on passers-by now have to create an online strategy to attract customers and there is no better way to appeal to the wide masses than through social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

Platforms like Upwork and SimplyHired offer thousands of listings for people who have the necessary skills to be a social media manager to both smaller and larger companies. However, for someone to be seen as an expert in the social media marketing field, they first have to establish their own online presence.

Call-center representatives

What is more, while social media marketing has proven to be successful, cold calling is still going strong. It is often used by online merchants, telemarketing companies, computer help desk, mail-order organizations, polling services, and other companies that promote products via phone.

Despite being declared “dead” by many, it remains an essential part of the sales process and provides a personal connection between a buyer and a seller. According to a report by Rain Group, around 69% of buyers accept phone calls from new providers. Along with that, C-level and VP buyers (57%), together with directors (51%) and managers (47%) even prefer to be contacted by phone.Individuals with outstanding people skills can thrive in this line of work where they can talk to people from all walks of life and try to convince them to try out new products and services or conduct various surveys.

Also, customers expect a lot from a brand. This means that outstanding  customer support is a crucial element in keeping the customers loyal.  This is why many businesses still require remote workers who can answer the phone at all hours and provide clients with assistance as quickly as possible, and as effectively as possible. A lot of success also depends on the availability of a representative, so a lot of brands go for a 24/7 availability, making that kind of job available for a greater number of people.

These job positions also include processing orders and dealing with returns.

Web developers

People who are good with web design and development will be glad to hear that the number of companies that require a website is larger than it’s ever been before.

Among the most insightful examples is the casino industry. Casino operators realized the potential that online solutions offer and they are on a never-ending search for ways to attract players and keep them loyal. This is why they pay great attention to detail when building games, and have to consider everything from game design, to types of games, gaming methods, and arguably one of the most important aspects: the reward systems they implement.

Websites like vegasslotsonline.com are proof of how important it is for casino operators to provide cash prizes and bonuses that players can get without depositing any cash. We can see this in the heavy emphasis of these deals in the tables visible on the page, as the tables list the exact playable sum available to players. Slot games are also a great ground for pushing similar deals, as for example players get 50 spins for free, only for signing up with a casino. All of that is usually supported by appealing game design and sound effects that bring the excitement of the game to a whole new level. And, of course, none of this would be possible without a great deal of coding knowledge.

Therefore, online casino operators are always looking for people that will give them a helping hand from designing, programming and coding to developing casino apps. That being said, options developers and designers have in this industry are just as wide-reaching.

Language teachers

Just because travel is limited, it doesn’t mean that people are not interested in learning foreign languages. Therefore, anyone who has a certificate in a particular language and believes they have some knowledge to impart to others can easily find work as an online teacher.

Plenty of platforms such as VIPKID and Lingoda offer job opportunities to all sorts of language teachers out there. In addition to English, other languages are taught too, as well as a variety of other topics, such as math, coding, painting, and even fitness. Of course, some experience is always welcome.

Accountants and bookkeepers

While in-house bookkeepers and accountants can still be found in 2020, most companies have decided to outsource these assignments to cut their overhead costs and space requirements. This means that most accountants and bookkeepers are already working remotely.

By adopting the latest software solutions, these experts have no trouble keeping records of the income, payroll, and all other expenses a company has.

Meetings to go over the monthly report or to discuss potential issues can easily be done over various video call apps that are nowadays widely available, meaning that this job can be performed from one’s home.

If you too are looking for a job that you can do from the comfort of your own home only with a computer and an internet connection, rest assured that you will find something. In case you cannot see yourself in any of the aforementioned positions, just do some research as there is such a wide variety of jobs out there, from writing and blogging to being a virtual assistant and opening a retail store.


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