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COVID-19 a threat to rising artistes: Kyla Blac


BULAWAYO-BASED up-and-coming RnB artists Kyla Blac said few people in the arts industry genuinely appreciated good talent as most of them would ask for favours in exchange for assistance.


“I have met a lot of people in the music industry who say they would like to help me grow my career in exchange for unethical favours. There are very few out here who genuinely appreciate good talent,” she said.

The 21-year-old songstress said there were many great musicians who were not getting exposure, adding that the coronavirus outbreak also posed a serious threat to up-and-coming artists.

“There are a lot of creatives here. If we are talking about music. There are so many amazing rappers and singers getting little attention, designers and producers too. We have Boy Nino, Phana, Murphy Cubic, among others,” she said.

“It was really difficult to work during the lockdown. I could not have studio sessions or video shoots which made it hard to put out content. It slowed down a lot for me.”
Blac, who has just released an EP, said the project was meant to expose their talents.

“Murphy Cubic produced the Only A Minute EP and the visuals were done by I shoot everything (Taku Dzino). We were looking for a way to show each of our talents and still have people wanting more so we thought one minute songs would do the trick and well that is where the title came from,” she said.

“My target going forward is to be an international artist. I don’t want to just be known here in Zimbabwe alone, but I want to represent my country on the world stage.”

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