Tsenengamu arrested



Former Zanu PF national youth political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu, who was among 14 political activists listed on police wanted list over the foiled July 31 anti-corruption protests, yesterday surrendered himself to the police.

Tsenengamu, now leader of the Plan for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe, went into hiding in July after police launched a manhunt for him and other opposition activists ahead of the July 31 protests that was thwarted by the police and military.

According to the police, Tsenengamu is being charged with incitement to commit public violence alternately charged with a case of incitement to participate in a gathering with intent to promote public violence, breaches of peace bigotry.

The police allege that Tsenengamu incited the public to participate the demonstrations, a move that could result in public violence and breach of peace in Zimbabwe. They said his Twitter messages were inflammatory.

“From July 31 and beyond, you must know that the people will die as never previously witnessed in this country,” part of Tsenengamu’s tweet cited by the police read.

“Masses will be beaten heavily, thievery and corruption will increase to unprecedented levels … boys and girls who are in diaspora with parents in the country, encourage your parent to attend the protests in their numbers and fight for themselves, fight for you and fight for the country as you are being oppressed in the diaspora where you are based, so that you will be able to come to you.”

The charge sheet further stated that he said: “Some Zanu PF and MDC politicians who are archbishops and bishops of corruption, respectively, must find another day for their fight and not spoil the 31st. Toxic politics has divided and polarised us.”