Top Popular South African Musical Artists in Zimbabwe


The South African music industry is dominated by men and women who have resisted the temptation of playing by the rules or books, hence, they have maintained their top-notch status within and outside their country. Little wonder, artists from the country have won the prestigious Grammy award more than any other African country.

As seen on fakaza, South African artists have set the pace in Hip Hop, Afro Pop, RnB, Kwaito and even invented genres that are gaining wide popularity and acceptance worldwide. They have also blazed the trails where-ever they find themselves in the world but our focus would be on those that have carved a niche for themselves in Zimbabwe.
Therefore, we take a swipe
Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo

Famously known as the Lion of Zimbabwe, Mapfumo invented Chimurenga music which was the basis for infusing modern culture into the society. Although he is of the anachronistic generation of musicians, his songs are very well still relevant to the struggles of liberty and freedom.
He was born in 1945 and his roots have been traced to South African, who have shared history with Zimbabwe.
Mechanic Manyeruke and The Puritans
Manyeruke was born in 1942 in Zimbabwe and he was the instituter of the gospel music group known as The Puritans. Several changes have been made to the group since it was forged but they have maintained their identity of having a different rhythm.
Manyeruke is from a clan in South Africa but he has made a name for himself in Zimbabwe.
Dope Saint Jude

Dope Saint Jude as she’s famously known, was born in Cape-Town South Africa. She grew up writing poems that became lyrics for hip hop music, which inadvertently became her selling point.
Her music has been aired in Europe and America. She’s advocated for the rights of women through music, fought racism and sexism as well – and she is very well present in Zimbabwe as a champion rapper.

She was born Thando Sibanyoni in South Africa, but decided to stick with the stage name ThandoNje. She began making music from a tender age, with her biggest attribute being her sonorous voice and very soothing beats.
The RnB singer has made several music including New Age Soul EP and The Trust Nje EP but she’s not resting on her onus in making good music. She’s had collaborations with new generation artists in Zimbabwe like Winky D, and this has given her huge presence in the country.
Simon “Chopper” Chimbetu

Chimbetu is a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist – he is the founding father of the band and orchestra group Dendera Kings. Although he has changed his stage names on different occasions, his music has remained stellar. He’s of the South African origin.