Shekinah strikes right chord


BULAWAYO-BASED rising guitarist Shekinah Nathan Ndlovu (SN) has won the hearts of many after exhibiting exceptional prowess and unique sound that has distinguished him from the rest.

The self-taught guitarist, also known as Shekinah The Music in the showbiz circles, has worked with a number of artistes among them Vuyo Brown, Mai Mwamuka, Asaph, Sandra Ndebele-Sibindi and Mzoe7.

NewsDay (ND) Life & Style reporter Sharon Sibindi caught up with Shekinah The Music, who revealed that his dream is to sign for renowned recording labels such as Sony or Warner. Below are excerpts of the interview.

ND: Tell us about yourself and how you ventured into the arts industry?

SN: I am a 22-year-old musician who considers himself a down-to-earth, highly imaginative and shy person, but who is always ready to confront any challenge. My music career began at church, singing in a choir and when a friend Paul Maseko introduced me to Band Fusion that is when everything started and I later played for people such a Asaph, Mai Mwamuka and Vuyo Brown.

ND: Who is your source of inspiration?

SN: Jimmy Dludlu comes first followed by Norman Brown, Kerry 2 Smooth and George Benson. Locally, Samuzik, Hudson Simbarashe and Trust Samende.

ND: After working with a number of artistes, how has it shaped your career?

SN: Well, they would tell me to be creative and play what I feel is required in a certain song, giving guidelines and tips on what is required by listeners. They helped me to not only grow my talent, but sharpen my skills which makes recording and performing a breeze. They also emphasised that I should be original.

ND: Which type of guitar do you play and how did you learn to play it?

SN: I play lead on an electric guitar, but I can also play the acoustic and bass. I taught myself most of the instruments I play.

ND: What is the favourite project that you have worked on?

SN: I have several musical projects which are favourites among them Thula Wazi, Asambeni and Sandra Ndebele’s new album.

ND: An artiste you wish to work with?

SN: I would like to exhibit my talent with local artistes such as Ammara Brown, Takura and Selmor Mtukudzi.

ND: What is your favourite genre?

SN: Well, I enjoy playing jazz, RnB, contemporary and house, but I feel I am more at home when it comes to soul music.

ND: What projects are you currently involved in?
SN: I am currently working on Vuyo Brown’s new single, Mzoe7’s album and Ryan Synth’s EP.

ND: What separates Shekinah The Music from other musicians?
SN: For me, music is guided by my feelings, language and communication in the sense that it pleasures the ears, touches the heart and leaves a theme or message for a lifetime.

ND: Do you dream of going international?
SN:Yes, I have a dream of going international where I would do tours and music collaborations with global stars like Her and Masego and get signed to big record labels like Sony or Warner.

ND: What do you like to do for fun outside music?
SN: If I am not doing music, I will be playing chess or writing poems. I hang out with friends as we always come up with ideas on how best we can help our community.

ND: Any advice for young people who want to become guitarists like you?
SN: Firstly, set your goals and also lead them in prayer. Secondly, practise hard so that you become a master in you trade. Also ensure you have a strong support base, enjoy what you do and believe it to be great.

ND: Your parting shot …
SN: Faith, prayer and work bring more success. Don’t forget to follow me on all social media platforms. Shout out to my fans … mad love for you guys.