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Musuki revisits infanthood on new single


SUNGURA singer Aleck Musuki says he will be releasing a new single titled Mahumbwe Ndaiva Baba that will have an accompanying video as an introduction to his forthcoming, but yet to be named album to be released before year end.


The Chazunguza Eagle Power frontman told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that the song was a call on parents to appreciate that infanthood plays a critical role in children’s

“The song Mahumbwe Ndaiva Baba talks about infanthood and its importance. The title is derived from the Shona idiom hupenzi hwechembere hwakatangira kumahumbwe (the foolishness of an elderly started and was evident during infanthood),” he said.

“The song is a lesson to parents that infanthood is very important to children. Parents should play an active role in their children’s development because good or bad parenting will always have an effect on children.”

The Kusvika Wati Sorry (Zeve Zeve) hitmaker said in life parents should play an active role in their children’s development as the latter largely observe and learn from the guardian’s behaviour.

“There are some people whose behaviour and manners have never changed since they were young. There are those who used to show love while growing up and they are still like that, then there are those who loathed anything and anyone near them, and they have never stopped,” he said.

“So basically the concept that I am bringing out in the song is that whether we like it or not, infanthood is where children’s creativity, physical and emotional strength starts from, which then ultimately manifests in the real world.”

The Chazunguza Eagle Power leader, who plays his own distinctive sungura sound said plans were afoot to work for an accompanying video for the new single.

Musuki said his forthcoming album was ready, but they decided to release the single first to give their fans something to listen to while they awaited the relaxation of the COVID-19-induced restrictions for the official launch.

“The album will carry seven to nine tracks and some of the tracks to look forward to on the album are, Mahumbwe Ndaiva Baba, Munya and Mbereko.”
Musuki has three albums to his name, Turn & Shoot (2017), Chibhakera Chegwara (2018) and Kusvika Wati Sorry (2019).

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